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The Georgia Department of Revenue Motor Vehicle Division has moved to 4125 Welcome All Road, Atlanta, GA 30349.

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How to Obtain Dealer, Distributor, Manufacturer and Transporter
License Plates

To apply for dealer, distributor, manufacturer or transporter tags, submit the following to this department's Special Tags Unit of the Motor Vehicle Division together at the address shown at the bottom of this page.

1. A completed MV-6 application & when applicable, an MV-6A application. Type, complete electronically and print or print legibly by-hand in blue or black ink in the name of your company, business or firm, including the name of the company, business or firm under which you do business. The name and address of your company, business or firm must be the same as the name and address on any certificate or license required with this application. Click on any form name or number on this page to complete the form electronically for printing, signing and submission.

Check the applicable box on this application indicating the category of tag(s) you are requesting, dealer, distributor, manufacturer, motorcycle dealer, motorcycle distributor, or transporter*. Submit a separate form for each tag category or business location.

If you are required to register with the Secretary of State’s Used Motor Vehicle Dealer or Parts Dealer Board, enter your current license number in the space provided and attach a copy of your current license.

Enter your Georgia Department of Revenue, Sales & Use Division Tax account number in the space provided and attach a copy of your current certificate.

If you are required to register with the State Fire Marshal’s Office, enter your current certificate number in the space provided and attach a copy of your current certificate.

*If you are applying for transporter tag(s), you must attach a copy of your current business license and enter a description of the type of business you operate in the space provided.

Check the appropriate box, if you are a franchise motor vehicle dealer, a dealer who sells new vehicles, or an independent dealer, a dealer who sells used vehicles.

Each authorized agent of your company must print or type their full legal name as shown on their valid Georgia driver’s license or Georgia identification card and enter their position with your company after their signature. Each authorized agent must sign in the applicable space. If there is a change in authorized agents or additional space is needed to record agents’ names, positions, and signatures, form MV-6A must be completed and submitted.

2. Submit your check or money order for the total fees due, see below, payable to the Department of Motor Vehicle Safety, to this department's Special Tags Unit with a completed MV-6 form, an MV-6A form (if applicable) and a photocopy of your current state-issued license or certificate (Used Car Board license, Parts Dealer Board license, State Fire Marshal’s certificate, Georgia Sales & Use Tax certificate and/or business license). The mailing address for this department's Special Tag Unit is shown below.

When using the drop off box located in the lobby of this department's Customer Service Operations of the Motor Vehicle Division, please place your completed applications, the required photocopies, and your check or money order in a sealed envelope with the words "Special Tags" written in large letters on the outside of the envelope. Please do not place cash in the drop off box!

Required Fees

To obtain a master tag, the fee is: $62. To obtain each additional tag, the fee is $12.00 for each tag being requested. If you are a franchise dealer, a dealer who sells new vehicles, you must also pay a $25.00 franchise fee* annually to this department. This fee is authorized by law to allow this department to administer the "Motor Vehicle Fair Practices Act".

Important: This department's Special Tags Unit of the Motor Vehicle Division issues these type tags, the county tax commissioners' offices in this state do not.

Please keep your name and address current with all of the state licensing agencies. Notify the applicable state licensing agencies of any changes.

If you go out-of-business, you must turn in all of your tags, with a signed letter indicating the reason for their return, to this department's Special Tags Unit at the address shown below.

Note: Dealer, distributor, manufacturer and transporter license plates (tags) issued for the current tag cycle (2004-2005) will expire at midnight on December 31, 2005.

Special Tags Unit In-Person Address

Special Tags Window - Motor Vehicle Division
1200 Tradeport Blvd.
Hapeville, GA 30354

Special Tags Unit Phone #
Telephone No: (404) 675-4947

Attention Special Tags Unit
Motor Vehicle Division
P O Box 740381
Atlanta, GA 30374-0381

Georgia Insurance and Safety Fire Commission
State Fire Marshal's Office
Two Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive
West Tower, Suite 704
Atlanta, GA 30334
Telephone Number: (404) 656-2070
Toll Free: 1-800-656-2298
Web site: marshal/home1.asp

Georgia Department of Revenue
Sales and Use Tax Division
1800 Century Blvd.
Atlanta, GA 30345-3205
Telephone Number: (404) 417-6601
Web site: http://www.dor-3jwx5l1/salestax/index.aspx

Secretary of State
State Board of Used Motor Vehicle Dealers
237 Coliseum Drive
Macon, GA 312170-3858
Telephone Number: (478) 207-1460
Web site: