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What is needed to obtain a Georgia title for a vehicle after court action?
Vehicles purchased on or after March 1, 2013 and titled in this state will be exempt from sales and use tax and the annual ad valorem tax. Instead, these vehicles will be subject to a new, one-time title ad valorem tax that is based on the value of the vehicle.

More information on the Title Ad Valorem Tax fee is available at
1) A completed and signed  Form MV-1 Title/Tag Application.
2) An original valid title and any other available ownership documents.
3) A certified copy of the Court Order.
A certified copy of any court document requires the Clerk of the Court's signature and his or her seal or stamp.
4) A certified copy of the Levying Order if the vehicle's description (year model, make of vehicle and the vehicle's identification number) is not included in the Court Order.
5) A completed and signed  Form T-7 Bill of Sale.
6) A completed and signed  Form T-22B Certification of Inspection.
Required when the title, issued for the vehicle, is not submitted.
7) A signed and notarized affidavit must be submitted stating a public sale was held and the purchaser made the highest bid when the person authorized to sell the vehicle and the purchaser are the same person.
8) Submit a copy of the newspaper advertisement or the advertisement posted at the courthouse where other legal notices are posted including the vehicle's description (Year model, make of vehicle and serial number) and announcing the sale of the vehicle when you are applying for a title in your name and you are also the person authorized by the Court to sell the vehicle.
9) A completed and signed  Form T-158 Report of and/or Surrender of GA License Plate.
10) The vehicle's license plate, if left on the vehicle must be submitted.
11) $18.00 title fee.
A Georgia title will  not  be issued for a 1985 or older year model vehicle or for a vehicle that does  not  require a Georgia title (i.e. Airplanes, boats, pole trailers, mopeds, etc.) based on a Court Order.