When, where, and what is needed to apply for a special tag?
You may apply for a specialized tag at the  Tax Commissioner's Tag Offices  in the county in Georgia where you reside at the time you register your vehicle or at the time you renew your vehicle's existing Georgia tag. If the special tag is in your county's inventory and you meet all the requirements for issuance, the tag can be issued to you at that time. If the tag is not in your county's inventory, a temporary operation permit can be issued for your use in operating your vehicle until the tag becomes available for issuance.

Click here  to view a list of available special tags. From this list, click on the desired type of special tag to view a sample of the tag and the fees and requirements for obtaining. You must also meet all of the requirements of vehicle registration (i.e. Provide proof of Georgia liability insurance coverage, pay all registration fees and applicable ad valorem taxes, etc.)

Specialized tags can only be issued to private passenger vehicles that are owned by Georgia residents.

Specialized tags are not manufactured as souvenirs. To claim the tag, you must be a resident of this state and register your vehicle with the special tag at the Tax Commissioner's Tag Office in the county in Georgia were you reside.