How can I obtain a serial plate and license plate for my homemade trailer?
Homemade trailers are required to have a serial plate affixed before the trailer can be registered and a license plate (tag) issued. To obtain a serial plate for your homemade trailer, submit the following to the Tax Commissioner's Tag Office in the county in Georgia where you reside:
1) A completed and signed  Form MV-1 Title/Tag Application.
a) Leave the space provided for the vehicle's identification number blank.

b) The year model of the trailer will be the year the trailer was built.

c) The make of the trailer will be "Homemade"

2) A completed  Form T-23 Homemade Trailer Affidavit.
a) The signature(s) on this form must be notarized.

b) The notary public must affix his or her seal or stamp and the date his or her commission expires.

3) $12.00 license plate fee.

4) Any applicable ad valorem tax.

Upon receipt of the above listed fees and forms, properly completed, your county Tax Commissioner's Tag Office will issue you, the trailer's owner(s), a serial plate. This serial plate is often referred to as a "T" serial plate since the plate number begins with a T. The county will also provide you with a partially completed  Form T-22C Permission for County Assigned Serial Number Plate - For a Homemade Trailer .

You must permanently affix the serial plate to your homemade trailer with rivets and have a Georgia Law Enforcement Officer complete the Form T-22C certifying that the serial plate has been affixed to the trailer.

You should return the completed Form T-22C to your county Tax Commissioner's Tag Office for the issuance of a license plate and a registration certificate (tag receipt).

The number on the serial plate shall be used as the vehicle identification number (VIN) or serial number in any subsequent motor vehicle transactions.

Georgia does not issue titles for homemade trailers.