How much will it cost me to register my vehicle in Georgia?
Your Vehicle may be subject to the following fees and taxes:
Annual Registration Fee

MV Schedule of Tags and Fees  to view the License Plates and Fees Schedule showing the different types of issued tags and the annual registration fee for each.
Manufacturing and Annual Special Tag Fee

Plate Samples  to view the types of available special tags, the fees and requirements for obtaining.
Mailing Fee

Mailing fee is due if your tag/renewal decal is to be mailed to you. Some counties require first time residents to register in-person.
Ad Valorem Tax

This tax is based on the vehicle's value and the financial needs of various levying authorities in your county.   Motor Vehicle Ad Valorem Assessment  to calculate your vehicle's ad valorem tax.
Title Ad Valorem Tax Fee

If you have applied for a motor vehicle certificate of Tittle purchased after January 1, 2012 and you choose to opt-in or have paid the Title Ad Valroem Tax Fee, you will not longer be subject to the Ad Valorem Tax each year.

More information on the Title Ad Valorem Tax fee is available at
Emissions Inspection Fee

The fee of an emissions inspection (metro-Atlanta counties only) varies between $10.00 - $25.00 and is posted on the station’s emission inspection sign. For additional information regarding emissions inspections,  Clean Air Force  to connect to the Georgia Clean Air Force's website or call: 1-800-449-2471.
Title Fee

If your vehicle is required to have a title in this state, you must apply for a title at the time of registration.   Click here  to see if your vehicle requires a Georgia title.
Title Penalty

Title penalty is due if you fail to apply for a Georgia title, when a title is required, within thirty (30) days of the vehicle's purchase or acquisition date. This fee is not due when your vehicle is currently titled or registered out-of-state or country in your name.
Title Ad Valorem Tax Fee Penalty
The failure to apply for the Certificate of Title no later than 30 days after the date of purhase will cause addititonal Title Ad Valorem Tax Free penalties in addition to other fees and penalites.

More information on the Title Ad Valroem Tax fee is available at
Additional Title Penalty

Additional title penalty is due if you previously applied for a Georgia title and your application was returned requesting additional action before title issuance and compliance has not been made within sixty (60) days of the accompanying letter's date.
Note:    Pay all fees and/or taxes due with cash, check, or money order payable to the Office of the Tax Commissioner. Most counties require checks to be imprinted with a local bank's address. Out-of-state checks are usually not accepted. Please do not remit cash through the mail! Contact your County Tax Commissioner's Tag Office for other acceptable methods of payment.