Motor Vehicle Division

**MVD Office Hours: 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday thru Friday excluding state holidays

The Georgia Department of Revenue Motor Vehicle Division has moved to 4125 Welcome All Road, Atlanta, GA 30349.

Driving Directions to our new facility are below:

From North of Atlanta

From South of Atlanta

Vehicle registrations cannot be processed at the DOR Motor Vehicle Division location. All Registrations and most title processing applications must be done at your County Tax Commissioner’s Office. (Click here for your local office.)

Georgia Motor Vehicle Manuals & Forms
Motor Vehicle Manual - Vehicle Titles (rev. 3/2013)
2013 Registration Ad Valorem Manual 
2014 Registration Ad Valorem Manual 
2013 TAVT Assessment manual 
2014 TAVT Assessment manual 
Information Bulletin: Donations to 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organizations 
License Plates and Fee Schedule
Estimate Your County Ad Valorem Tax
  New Title Tax Information
Millage Rate Manuals
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Registration Forms
T-226D Extension of Initial Registration Period Application
T-226I Registration Extension Request Affidavit
T-126 Refund Request for Registration, Title or Insurance Fees
MV-5 Replacement Registration Certificate
MV-18E Affidavit to correct a VIN number.
T-23 Homemade Trailer Affidavit   
Temporary Operating Permit
MV-300 Request for Cancellation of a Temporary Operating Permit
Tag Forms
T-215 Suspended Driver/Habitual Violators Tag Application
MV-AFV Alternative Fuel License Plate Application
MV-7 Replacement License Plate Tag or Decal
MV-RL Retired Legislative License Plate Request Form
Title Forms 
MV-15 Rental Certification Affidavit
MV-16 Affidavit to Certify Immediate Family Relationship
MV-31 Affidavit for Non-Profit Organizations
MV-33 TAVT Refund Request
MV-34 Change of Address Affidavit
T-7 Bill of Sale
MV-1 Title/Tag Application - Original or Replacement
T-8 Limited Power-of-Attorney - Motor Vehicle Transactions 
MV-1S Salvage Title Application
T-17 Statement of Title held by Leinholderor Leasing Company
MV-1SP Application to Cancel Certificate of Title for Scrap/Derelict Vehicles
MV-46 Certificate of Title Bond
MV-46A Certificate of Title Bond Affidavit (Must be submitted with Certificate of Title Bond MV-46)
T-216 Title Lost in Mail Affidavit
MV18-A Affidavit to Support a Request to Correct a Certificate of Title
MV-18E Affidavit to correct a VIN number. 
MV-18 Request to Correct Face of Georgia Title and Registration Record 
T-228 Motorcycle or Scooter Affidavit of Fact.
T-20 Inheritance of a Motor Vehicle Affidavit 
T-128 Missing Serial Plate Affidavit 
T-16 Repossession Affidavit  
T-227 One and the Same Affidavit 
T-11 Correction Affidavit.  (to explain corrections in a title assignment) 
T-214 Purchaser's Statement of Fact (Habitual Violator)
T-146 IRP Exemption to Title Ad Valorem Tax Fee (Application)
License Plate Forms
MV-7 Replacement License Plate Tag or Decal
T-158 Surrendered Georgia License Plate and/or Report
T-218 Application for Regular License Plate (Based on Reinstatement of Driving Privilege)
T-224 Authentic Historical License Plate Affidavit
T-200 Non-Receipt of Original License Plate or Renewal Decal Affidavit
Special Interest License Plate Forms
MV-9B Personal Prestige License Plate Application
T-237 Relinquishment of a Special Interest License Plate
Insurance Forms
T-56 Total Loss Insurance Settlement Notice
MV-18J Application for Voluntary Registration Cancellation
Dealer, Distributor, Manufacturer & Transporter Forms 
Instructions for Applying for Motor Vehicle Dealer, Distributor, Manufacturer & Transporter Tags 
Citizenship Affidavit Citizenship Affidavit - Public Benefits O.C.G.A. § 50-36-1(e)(2)
MV-67 Loaner Exemption Affidavit
Listing Secure and Verifiable Document Listing
Form MV-6, MV-6a & MV-6b Tag Application, Add/Delete Agents, Additional Dealer Tags (first time applicants)
MV-6C Dealer, Distributor, Manufacturer & Transporter Tag Renewal Applications
MV-66 Georgia Dealer’s Affidavit for TAVT Relief
MV-47 Dealer Internet Inquiry Registration Form
T-240 Dealer Temporary Site Permit Application 
T-241 Application for an Out of State Recreational Vehicle Franchised Dealer Permit
MV-DF1 Dealer Registration Directly Financed Dealer Sales
Company, Corporation or Partnership Power of Attorney Forms
T-19A Authority to Receive Title/Title Documents for a Company, Corporation or Partnership 
T-19  Authority to Sign for a Company, Corporation or Partnership
T-19C Authority to Sign for a Company, Corporation or Partnership (For use in county) 
Disabled Person's Forms
MV-9D Disabled Person’s Parking Affidavit 
MV-9DB Disabled Person’s Parking Affidavit for Business
Vehicles from a Foreign Country Forms
T-207 Instructions to Obtain a Georgia Title for a Vehicle Originating from a Foreign Country 
T-207A Foreign Document Affidavit - Owner's Declaration
T-207E English Translation of Attached Bill of Sale
T-207T English Translation of a Foreign Registration Certificate
Salvage & Scrap Derelict Vehicles Forms
MV-1S Salvage Title Application
T-22R Rebuilt Motor Vehicle Inspection Request
MV-603D Derelict Motor Vehicle Disposition Notice   
T-129 Labor and Parts Certification
MV-1SP Application to Cancel Certificate of Title for Scrap/Derelict Vehicles
T-56 Total Loss Insurance Settlement Notice
MV-100 Assembled Vehicle Inspection Affidavit
MV-46 SI Salvage and Assembled Vehicle Inspector Bond
Odometer Discrepancy Forms
T-107 Odometer Discrepancy Affidavit. (seller & purchaser's statement of fact)
T-107A Odometer Discrepancy Affidavit. (purchaser's statement of fact)
Liens & Security Interest Forms 
T-4 Lien or Security Interest has been Satisfied
T-53A Certificate of Title Lien Notice
T-53 Notice of Additional Security Interest
T-53D Notice of Security Interest Filing  
T-77 Lien or Security Interest Holder Release
Abandoned Motor Vehicle Forms
MV-603 Abandoned MV Notice
MV-603R Abandoned MV Release
MV-603RF Abandoned MV Affidavit - From Repair Facility Storing Vehicle
MV-603A Abandoned MV Affidavit - Submitted to Court by Person Removing or Storing an Abandoned Vehicle
MV-603l Abandoned MV Affidavit - From Insurance Company or Company Storing Vehicle 
Mobile / Manufactured Home Forms
T-234 Mobile / Manufactured Home Certificate of Permanent Location
T-234A Manufactured Home Certificate of Permanent Location (Title Not Required)
T-229 Mobile/Manufactured Home Removed from Permanent Location
T-230 Mobile / Manufactured Home Certificate of Destruction
Request for Vehicle Information Forms
MV-20 Request for Motor Vehicle Documents 
MV-20A Subpoena OR Information Request
Commerical Registration Forms 
Commercial Registration Checklists
T-238 IRP Estimated Mileage Chart
T-138 IRP Vehicle Schedule A Application
T-138A IRP Continuation Application
T-8B IRP Limited Power of Attorney/Commercial Motor Vehicle Transactions
T-141 IRP Mileage Detail Source Document 
T-139 IRP Mileage Schedule B 
PT-95(LGS document) Request For Apportionment of Interstate Motor Vehicle Tax 
T-239 IRP New Account Schedule G
MV-142 IRP Replacement Cab Card Application 
MV-141 IRP Replacement License Plate Application 
T-140 IRP Supplement Application Schedule C 
MCS-150 GA Application for Georgia Motor Carrier Identification Number
MCS-150 Application for Federal Motor Carrier Identification Number
Law Enforcement Form
T-22B Serial Plate Verification After Inspection by Law Enforcement
For County Use Only
HVUT-1 Certification of Compliance
MV-30 Veteran's Affidavit for TAVT Exemption
PT-471 Service Member's Affidavit for Exemption of Ad Valorem Taxes for Motor Vehicles
PT-472NS Non-Resident Service Member's Affidavit For Title Ad Valorem Taxes for Motor Vehicles
MV-9W Request for Manufacture of a Special Veteran License Plate
MV-18G Service Member’s Affidavit for Mandatory Insurance Relief
Sales Tax Forms